Please enjoy my demo reel!

Other projects:

This is a 2D animation project for Singapore's MediaCorp, channel 8. The works were featured in 
episodes #8, #9, #10 and #14.  This is a scene in Dream Coder, where socially awkward boy, 
creates a short animation film to confess his feelings through the characters in the animation. 
I was responsible for art direction, visual development, and animation. 
(00.10 - 00.14, 00.28 - 00.37, 00.47 - 00.50)

Le Angmor Amour is a group project based on the idea of what would happen if a Singaporean 
met a French.  I was responsible for the visual development, texturing and 3D animation
 (00.32 - 00.41).  I helped with the colouring of the 2D animations as well.